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SWAQ Launches Video Messaging Platform for Gifts - Just in Time for the Holiday Season

How do I keep my sent and received messages?

Just create a free account to unlock this and other really cool features like being notified when your recipient views the message. Now you know when your gift was opened!

How can I share my videos on social media?

After you create a free and easy account, you can share directly from your sent and received message tabs. Just click the share icon.

I received the link to create my video by email but I want someone else to create the video. What do I do?

Simply forward that email to the address of the person you want to create the video.

I want to create my video from my desktop but I can't access my computer's native 'Photos' app library.

SWAQ is mobile optimized, but you can create your video from your laptop. Simply export the video you want to use from the library of your computer’s native app (E.g. Photos) and then select it as a file.

I'm trying to create my video but I'm seeing an error.

Most errors can be resolved by clicking on the link in the email you received.